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February 3, 2007

Essential Tools

The following is a list of Essential Web Development Tools. I plan to update this post regularly, with new stuff, whenever I can.

All Browsers:

Mozilla / Firefox / Camino:

First, if you haven’t got these Extensions, go get them now! (trust me, you won’t ever want to be without them)

The next few items, are optional… I find them very handy, but it depends on how focused you are on frontend vs. backend development.

  • Colorzilla (A handy color picker/DOM Node navigation tool)

Internet Explorer (IE):

  • Viewing the source of a page in IE can be a big pain. Especially if you want to see the source of the page,*after* you’ve done some DOM manipulation to it.
    • Bookmark (cough: favorite) the following line, to view the source of any page, exactly as IE sees it at any moment in time.
    • javascript:document.body.innerHTML=('<xmp>'+document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].innerHTML+'</xmp>');




Unfortunately, Konqueror does not support the javascript: protocol in the location bar, which means using bookmarklets is out of the question (too bad, because they are extremely handy)


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