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February 3, 2007

Essential Tools

The following is a list of Essential Web Development Tools. I plan to update this post regularly, with new stuff, whenever I can.

All Browsers:

Mozilla / Firefox / Camino:

First, if you haven’t got these Extensions, go get them now! (trust me, you won’t ever want to be without them)

The next few items, are optional… I find them very handy, but it depends on how focused you are on frontend vs. backend development.

  • Colorzilla (A handy color picker/DOM Node navigation tool)

Internet Explorer (IE):

  • Viewing the source of a page in IE can be a big pain. Especially if you want to see the source of the page,*after* you’ve done some DOM manipulation to it.
    • Bookmark (cough: favorite) the following line, to view the source of any page, exactly as IE sees it at any moment in time.
    • javascript:document.body.innerHTML=('<xmp>'+document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].innerHTML+'</xmp>');




Unfortunately, Konqueror does not support the javascript: protocol in the location bar, which means using bookmarklets is out of the question (too bad, because they are extremely handy)

January 9, 2007

Welcome to Browser Bits!

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Welcome to Browser Bits! A Blog about all things Web Browser related, from Development Tools, (X)HTML specs, support for Web Standards, and all things fun with CSS, JavaScript and designing for the Web.

If you are new to Web Development, or a seasoned profesional, there should be something of interest inside.



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